Mini Haul: Fullah Sugah!

Τετάρτη 7 Αυγούστου 2013

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom at Fullah Sugah because I wanted to buy a straw hat AND because of the sales going on right now!

I used to think that the store only sold accessories (that's why I went there to find a hat) but it sells cute clothes too! (You probably knew that already.)

I got only 3 things but I wanted to share them with you!
1. Floral dress (9,90):

2. Orange Skirt-Shorts (13,90):

3. Paper Straw Hat (6,93):

The dress is somewhat long for me (I'm really short and it reaches my knee) so I would like to shorten it a bit. The skirt is perfect and underneath it has shorts of the same material so it doesn't show anything. I should say that the picture doesn't do it justice! Finally, I got the hat I went for in the first place. Isn't it cute?

If I have the time, I will show you these clothes in an OOTD post. Hope you enjoyed this post and I'll talk to you in the next one! :)

8 σχόλια:

  1. Υπεροχα ολα!!
    Ειδικα το φορεμα, το ερωτευτηκα :)
    Με γεια σου!!!

  2. Με γεια σου. Πολύ όμορφα και νεανικά όλα. Να τα χαρείς. :)

  3. Τέλεια όλα, ειδικά η φούστα! Στα ρούχα φέτος έχουν πολλά μαγαζιά πολύ καλές εκπτώσεις και χαίρομαι! Περιμένω OOTD post!

    (Θα σε πάρω τηλ. σήμερα βράδυ ή αύριο.:*)

    1. Είναι ακόμα πιο ωραία φορεμένη! Θα την δεις! Θα το προσπαθήσω και για OOTD post! :)