Hey there!
I love that you' re taking the time to read this About page. I hope you stay a while so I can win you over with my charm!

My name is Korallia (hence the Corall Blogs), I'm 22 years old and I live in Athens. I created this blog with the sole purpose of sharing things I love and things I get inspiration from. My interests vary from beauty and fashion to food and tv shows. I have a weird sense of humor and I can't help laughing at my own jokes. Yes, I'm a grown up. Most of my posts are written in Greek but I'm actually considering switching back and forth between Greek and English, which is what I studied in uni. So whoever you are, wherever you are from, I'd love to get to know you and be friends!

A tiny bit of a disclaimer: Almost everything I show and talk about on my blog is bought with my own money. However, as a beauty and fashion blogger, sometimes I get invited to events and have the opportunity to collaborate with brands I love. Even when that happens, all opinions I share with you are completely honest. I want everyone to know that.

Finally, this blog is my baby. I went through a lot of trouble to create every single bit of it so I don't appreciate using my material without my permission or without giving credit.

With everything said, I hope you enjoy your stay at CorallBlogs!