Ecotools Synthetic Foundation Brush

Τετάρτη 7 Νοεμβρίου 2012

I'm sure all of you are familiar with MAC brushes. Makeup artists use them and rave about them. The thing is, we can't all be makeup artists and we can't afford such expensive brushes.

I recently discovered a drugstore brand called Ecotools, which isn't known by many in my country. I got a brush from them just to try it out and it has become one of my favourites!

It's a synthetic foundation brush retailing for about 7 euros in Greece and even less in other countries (while a MAC synthetic foundation brush retails for 33$).

Its bristles are incredibly soft and it claims to be eco-friendly- the handle is made of natural and recycled materials.

I use this brush not only to apply a base (as I don't wear foundation very often) but also to apply cream blush. It gives a natural glow to the cheeks and it blends nicely into the skin.

I would like to check out the powder brush from the same line and maybe some of their eye brushes. What do you think? Would you try out this brush?

Where to find it? I bought mine at Gallerie de Beaute

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