My Summer Essentials

Τρίτη 7 Ιουλίου 2015

If we put aside politics for a bit, it's still summer. Some people's favorite season (not mine). I'm assuming you're taking a break from watching the news to read about my summer essentials, so thank you. You won't find any makeup products in this one just because I tend to keep things simple and minimal during the hot months. What you will find is some jewelry pieces and accessories - we have to spice up that basic white top after all. 

1. Long white & gold bead necklace - Alex K Handmade Jewels
I love everything about this. The white, gold and light pink color combo is my fave at the moment, plus I'm all about the boho vibes I'm getting from this piece.

2. Decorative hair tie - exeis ena lastixaki 
It used to be yellow. Then I wore it to the Color Day Festival and it turned into this rose gold shade. I can't complain, I like it either way. Get some of these hair ties if you have the chance, the colors and designs are very unique.

3. Micellaire cleansing water - Garnier
The first thing I do when I get home is take all my makeup off. Especially now that our skin desperately needs to breathe and the heat is slowing down the process. Don't keep your makeup on longer than necessary.

4. Lightweight watch - Daniel Wellington
I've had it for several months now and it never crossed my mind to wear any other watch. It's the lightest and most elegant watch I own - the king of my summer essentials, the king of my anytime essentials.

5. Home accessories
Nothing specific here, I've been loving earthy tones around the house and generally changing things up. 

Leave me your summer essentials below so I can steal them! 

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  1. So lovely post!

    Please CLICK HERE and you are welcome to my blog :)

    Have a wonderful Day!

  2. Λατρεύω το νεράκι της Garnier! Χρησιμοποιώ το ροζ και το αγοράζω συνέχεια μόλις τελειώνει!

    1. Το ροζ έχουν οι περισσότεροι και έχω ακούσει πολύ καλά λόγια, είπα βέβαια να πάρω το πράσινο λόγω λιπαρής επιδερμίδας και με έχει δικαιώσει :)

  3. Το κολιέ πολύ όμορφο. Λοιπον τις προαλλες εβλεπα αυτα τα φαρδια λαστιχακια... μάλλον πρεπει να πάρω μερικά ;)

    Καλό σου βράδυ :)

    1. Πρέπει πρέπει :) Είναι φανταστικά για χαμηλές κοτσίδες αλλά και γύρω από τον καρπό σου!

  4. Το νεράκι της Garnier πρέπει να το δοκιμάσω!